Tech Blog - October 2022

New features added and issues addressed in the TurboQSA product. August-October 2022.

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Lest few months, TurboQSA team has been focusing on the new version - v4.0 of the PCI DSS, perfecting our approach to handling Section 6.x evidence. Here are some of the highlights for the new features we have implemented:

  • ROC 4.0 rendering improvements,
  • Project Status report automation fixes,
  • Attachment search by requirement - new feature!,
  • Projects page - filter by date added,
  • ROC 4.0 Word rendering,
  • Cloudformation scripts changes for faster and simplified installation,
  • Support for Defined and Customized approaches for v4.0,
  • Audit Log filter changes and improvements,
  • Mini date filter for assigned projects dashboard,
  • "Request Interview" button positioning changed for better UX,
  • Fixes for better Firefox browser support,
  • Evidences Export changes - Evidence Ref# added,
  • ROC 4.0 - allow sample sets on any item,
  • AoC rendering fixes,
  • ROC 4.0 - use sample set as system evidence,
  • Fix for the "next item in status" navigation,
  • Continuous Integration - tests added for Word export generators,
  • Fix for Web URL attachment type,
  • Improvements for Selenium tests support and Web Driver,
  • Unit testing framework for DocumentDB created,
  • More unit tests added for greater stability and quality control,
  • Evidence packager: use correct Reference Numbers, Evidence Location and Requirement numbers,
  • Inputs control improvement, reflecting DB field length constraints,
  • ROC 3.2.1 - Appendix D page numbering fixes,
  • ROC 4.0 - spacing in footer fixed,
  • Improvements to email templates system.