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Do you have the right tools for PCI DSS v4.0 Assessments?

Will your tool automatically generate the ROC and AOC(s) for v3.2.1 and v4.0?

If you are using TurboQSA, the answer is YES.

Our mission is to provide QSA companies and ISA professionals with a tool to facilitate PCI-DSS assessment activities and to automate the creation of PCI-DSS reports. TurboQSA provides guidance throughout report creation as well as convenient, web-based channel to collaborate with and gather information from their clients.

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Why TurboQSA?

  • Targeted Risk Assessment

    A Targeted Risk Assessment or TRA is required for each control that is to be replaced with a Customized Approach in PCI 4.0.

    Our TRA experience puts the task on your customers as required.

    However, it does so in a sensible way that gives them and the QSA confidence in the results. It is comprised of multiple dimensions that are easy to follow.

  • Automated Quality Check

    Our Automated Quality Check or AQC feature was designed as a rules based engine to look for common and not so common errors that lead to ROCs being returned by the acquirers or card brands.

    Additionally and equally as importantly, it checks for common problems that cause a ROC to fail a PCI Council audit. By running this one-button click process and responding to each finding, you can lower your chances of being put in remediation by the council.

    Since it is a rules processor, we are constantly adding new checks as we learn about them from customers.

  • Intuitive Project Navigation

    TurboQSA transformed our ROC project navigation in 2022 and our customers absolutely are glad we did.

    In a single glance it is easy to tell where items have not been started, where they are waiting on the customer or the QSA and where they are ready for peer review.

    There is no longer a need to go hunting through the entire project looking to see what is incomplete.

  • Powerful filtering and walk-through features

    TurboQSA filtering features, which work in tandem with our new project navigation experience, allow your peer reviewer to be fully engaged in the project from day one.

    Our customers tell us this improves the outcomes for the assessed entities as the peer reviewer understands the environment and the individual nuances of each project better from the very outset.

    Peer reviewers should finish each workday by spending 10 or 15 minutes looking through the projects where they are assigned in a review role to provide feedback on any items awaiting their input. This removes the typical back-loaded review process which is far less accurate and useful.

  • Word Export for multiple types of document in multiple languages

    Who loves filling in the ROC template? Who loves filling in the AOC template(s)? We are guessing very few QSAs or ISAs have raised their hands to either of these questions.

    Use the rich, powerful and time saving features of TurboQSA and leave the filling out of the ROC template to us. For the AOCs, we support all languages supported in the templates. We also now support the “Items Noted for Improvement” or INFI document which is intended to be shared back with your assessed customers for work before the next assessment.

    Languages supported: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese.

  • One-click ROC Completion

    Use TurboQSA to complete all aspects of the assessment Upon completion, peer review and auto-audit simply click “Export to MS Word” and the PCI ROC Template will be filled in for you within seconds. This button is available at any stage of your assessment to provide a preview of work completed.

  • Payment Channels

    Oftentimes when working through a ROC, the customer being assessed has more than a single payment channel. While completing the assessment for each requirement the QSA is required to select a payment channel to provide a response for. You may select and provide a response for each payment channel, or you may select “All Payment Channel” and provide a single response.

  • Customer Roles

    When you define a contact for your customer, you assign an “Area of Responsibility”. This allows smart assignment for relative roles when requesting evidence, scheduling interviews and more.

  • Impactful Interview Scheduler

    Interview scheduler allows you to find the right audience - and the right ROC controls to cover in your meeting.

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