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Our missionTurboQSA is a one-stop solution for PCI-DSS assessment projects

Our mission is to provide QSA companies and ISA professionals with a tool to facilitate PCI-DSS assessment activities and to automate the creation of PCI-DSS reports. TurboQSA facilitates QSA professional’s work by providing guidance throughout report creation, and convenient, web-based channel to collaborate with and gather information from their clients.

Why TurboQSA?

TurboQSA improves PCI-DSS compliance report creation process for both professional security assessors and employees of the merchant or service provider being assessed. On top of this improved experience, TurboQSA lowers the cost of assessment projects while speeding up project completion. TurboQSA facilitates all aspects of each assessment project and improves consistency, quality and productivity of every person involved in the assessment. With TurboQSA, your QSA company can efficiently complete more assessments, creating a competitive advantage and enabling you to win more business.

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  • One-click ROC Completion

    Use TurboQSA to complete all aspects of the assessment Upon completion, peer review and auto-audit simply click “Export to MS Word” and the PCI ROC Template will be filled in for you within seconds. This button is available at any stage of your assessment to provide a preview of work completed.

  • Payment Channels

    Oftentimes when working through a ROC, the customer being assessed has more than a single payment channel. While completing the assessment for each requirement the QSA is required to select a payment channel to provide a response for. You may select and provide a response for each payment channel, or you may select “All Payment Channel” and provide a single response.

  • Customer Roles

    When you define a contact for your customer, you assign an “Area of Responsibility”. This allows smart assignment for relative roles when requesting evidence, scheduling interviews and more.

  • Impactful Interview Scheduler

    Interview scheduler allows you to find the right audience - and the right ROC controls to cover in your meeting.

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