Tech Blog - October 2021

New features added and issues addressed in the TurboQSA product. October 2021.

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We are proud to announce that the first production reports created with TurboQSA have been submitted to card brands in the month of October 2021. For us it is a great milestone, but also it's just the beginning!

Here are some highlights for the new features and improvements released:

  • Introducing Redis cache for distributed token handling,
  • "Deactivate Project" feature added,
  • Users List pagination fixed,
  • Description is made mandatory for Evidence Uploads,
  • Evidence Archive to include links to web URL evidences,
  • Evidence upload limit set to 5MB per file,
  • Issues addressed with telemetry logging,
  • Workflow rules changed, allowing the control to be switched from "Waiting for Customer" to "Waiting for QSA" or "Ready for Peer Review",
  • MongoDB clusters handling changed, change streams enabled,
  • Word Export error handling enhanced,
  • "Lock" button renamed to "Mark N/A",
  • Invitations List implemented for better tracking of invitations issued,
  • Write-in feature for interview attendees handling enhanced,
  • Phone field made mandatory for user registration,
  • Telemetry added to the archive handling service,
  • Backup/Restore feature enhanced,
  • Interview formatting enhanced to better display attendee information,
  • Appendix A - times numbering fixed,
  • Restrict QSA from being a Reviewer of their own ROC,
  • Restrict ROC projects to only one Lead QSA,
  • Interview Calendar UI improvements,
  • "Next REquest" functionality added,
  • Interview List filtering by date,
  • Compensating Controls fields made mandatory,
  • Attestation of Compliance (AOC) export UI fixed.