Tech Blog - February 2022

New features added and issues addressed in the TurboQSA product. February 2022.

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January and February 2022 have been marked with a tremendous interest to the TurboQSA solution, we were happy to conduct up to 7 demos a week. This resulted in some new product ideas. Here are some of the highlights for the new features we have implemented in response to customer's requests:

  • Improved branding support for customer website instances. Use your own logo, color scheme, favicon and much more, all while powered by the TurboQSA engine.
  • Improved client instance health monitoring features.
  • Added support for requesting client's response for items outside of Section 6 - Findings and Observations.
  • More informative display of responsibility areas for contacts.
  • Added restrictions for Associate QSA certifying some of the controls.
  • Restricted Associate QSA from generating Word version of the report on compliance.
  • Localization feature - made date format configurable to support non-US clients.
  • Sorting and Search features added to the documents list.
  • Project cloning improvement: now cloning sample set tracking sheet along with the sample sets.
  • Stability improvements for instance version updates.
  • Tooltips added to some buttons on the Project Details screen.
  • RFT - Requirement Filtering Template is the new name for filtering and convenience feature previously known as "SAQ". We are removing confusion caused by the use of the "SAQ" term. The feature remains intact and will receive additional improvements including extended support for Service Provider ROCs.
  • New navigation approach to quickly get to all items requiring users attention - we are demoing this feature and will be moving it to our Pilot environment soon. Stay tuned!