Tech Blog - November 2023

New features added and issues addressed in the TurboQSA product. November 2023.

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In the month of November 2023 our development team has been focusing on major features for the upcoming December release.

Bug fixes & improvements:

  • Interview Improvements - adding requirement requirements to the interview scope with filtering by requirement number.
  • Evidence Archive export - workpapers and interview notes added to the scope of export, Contents list modified.
  • Fix implemented for the Report Navigation by status.
  • Link to the release notes added for greater visibility.
  • Global Admin UI improvements - Test Email screen functionality modified, better instructions for SES integration added.
  • v3.2.1 - Section 3.6 now supports multiple line items.
  • Contact-to-Client user registration flow fixed to carry over user's data (Title, Org etc).
  • v4.0 - Interview information and interview notes mapping implemented for 6.3 Interview Evidences.
  • Progress Calculation improvements implemented.
  • Support Tickets improvements implemented
  • Interview metadata included in the "freshness" calculation for the Evidence Archive to keep it updated when interviews are changed
  • Reference number added for write-in interviews
  • Interview start/end date pickers changed - added interview duration
  • "Delete unused attachments" button fixed
  • Broadcast messages display fixed
  • ICS calendar files - added RSVP metatag to attendees to allow responding with accepted/declined, some other corrections
  • Interviews - allow adding any requirement, ignoring responsibility area filtering

New Features:

  • Rich Text support implemented for Interview Notes and Interview Details.
  • Global Administrator control over data backups for select hosting options.
  • (limited preview) Excel import for v4.0 ROC table sections is coming.
  • (limited preview) Full text search across multiple PCI DSS ROCs is coming to TurboQSA!

More new features are coming into production every month - stay tuned for more updates and subscribe to our LinkedIn page!