Tech Blog - November 2022

New features added and issues addressed in the TurboQSA product. November 2022.

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TurboQSA continues to focus on improving and extending feature coverage for the new version of the standard, 4.0. Here are some of the highlights for the new features we have implemented:

  • Improved client-side data validation features
  • v3.2.1 Word Export - fixed page numbering for Appendix D
  • v4.0 Word Export - fixed footer formatting
  • E-mails: optimizations for the use of styled layout
  • Auto-populate Company and Lead QSA name in 1.9
  • Audit Log filtering and navigation improvements, item links fixed
  • v4.0 - enhancements for "Approaches" feature - "Aspects" field added, controls UX improved to simplify navigation, rendering fixed for adding evidences
  • Audit Log made more informative with Status Change data
  • v4.0 Word Export - implemented rendering for Approaches
  • Client Installation scripts improved to auto-create staging credentials and objects
  • v4.0 - standard set of System Evidence prefixes implemented
  • Status Report - calculations fixed
  • Company filter added to Clients List screen for multi-tenant installations
  • AOC templates separated for Merchants and Service Providers, image placement fixed for headers, numerous formatting fixes and changes
  • v4.0 - improvements for "Dates Spent onsite" logic
  • Mutually Exclusive Checkboxes implemented for controls where such logic is required by the report standard

Stay tuned for more TurboQSA news in 2023!