Tech Blog - November 2021

New features added and issues addressed in the TurboQSA product. November 2021.

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Here are some highlights for the new features and improvements released:

  • Client issues debugging - copy-down feature introduced to enable rapid support response,
  • Backup service changes to ensure stable and reliable DB backups support for client and central instances,
  • Interviews feature data model redesign to enable workflows support for interview status,
  • SAQ mapping changes and bugfixes for ROC template,
  • Client issues debugging - introduced remote 2-stage debugging commands execution support to make support request resolution more effective,
  • Hide items with pending interviews from the Interview module auto-suggestions,
  • Corrected logic for client license checks,
  • New optional Workflow stage added for QA validation,
  • Compensating Controls feature changed to allow for tracking of incomplete Compensating Control Worksheets,
  • Client encryption keys redesign,
  • Summary of Findings section redesign, making is completely auto-calculated, not requiring any used input

More changes are coming to TurboQSA in December - we are planning to land Custom SAQ support by the end of the year!