Tech Blog - March 2021

New features added and issues addressed in TurboQSA product. March 2021.

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  • Support for multiple servers per client license
  • New tiles structure and design for Projects dashboard
  • Removed global reviewer role, made it a project-only role that can be taken on by a QSA
  • Improved policy acceptance flow
  • First installment of AOC (Attestation of Compliance) UI
  • Removed list view option from Projects dashboard
  • User registration email notifications settings changed
  • ROC Item codes added to interview details/invitation/emails
  • Progress calculations performance improvements
  • Request expiration logic and progress recalculation logic changed
  • Master administrator permission to edit user roles
  • Word rendering improvements: footers and URLs
  • Comments are accounted for when calculating progress
  • New defaults for Interview date and time
  • "Show in Calendar" highlight action
  • Added hint for report item selection in Interviews
  • Sticky calendar fixed
  • Capture additional information for Payment Channels
  • Time Zones support for users
  • Web URL support for Evidences
  • ICS calendar event export for interviews and report items support in the invitation