Tech Blog - June 2021

New features added and issues addressed in TurboQSA product. June 2021.

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  • Copy evidences feature,
  • Optimized snapshot export,
  • Filter control made available not only in the dashboard, but anywhere in the report,
  • Filtering by date,
  • Audit log tied to the workflow engine,
  • New set of item statuses introduced to better track project progress,
  • Background handler to scheduled status updates as part of the workflow engine,
  • Status report statistics drawn from the workflow records,
  • Review page removed, review functionality moved to status filter,
  • Section 4.10 logic enhanced for real-time updates,
  • Pilot environment updates moved under CICD,
  • Application Performance tracking enhancements,
  • Non-compliance indication and reasons,
  • Remediation List generation,
  • Service Provider and Shared Hosting Provider channels integrated with Payment Channels,
  • Sample Sets assignment by Payment/Service Channel,
  • Non-compliance filter.