Tech Blog - July 2021

New features added and issues addressed in the TurboQSA product. July 2021.

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  • Peer Review - Quick approval button for better Reviewer UX.
  • Client Engagement Manager role added to streamline and scale the interview setup flow.
  • Evidence Upload - Simplified fields, added document date and document version fields.
  • Excluded AOC items from ROC progress calculation.
  • Sample Sets / Evidence item linking changes to better reflect the nature of information being captured.
  • User Search logic fixed.
  • Support Tickets system integration with S3 filesystem provider.
  • Security improvements for Client Engagement Manager role.
  • Responsibility Areas self-management for Client Users.
  • Interviews - Write-in functionality implemented.
  • Data Consistency Checker service implemented.
  • Pagination problems fixed.
  • Invitation Token system redesign.
  • License service - licensed users limits calculation logic changed.
  • Status Report fixed.
  • 3rd party domains support added for client instances.
  • Interviews - invitations added for assigned QSAs and CC to Project Managers.
  • Network Diagrams enabled with workflow control.
  • Deployment documentation and guidelines created, powered by Cloud Formation template.