Tech Blog - August 2021

New features added and issues addressed in the TurboQSA product. August 2021.

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  • Automatic calculation of Summary of Findings
  • Summary of Findings rendering for Word
  • Interview participants write-ins for Report Items
  • Moved away from AWS Lambda functions
  • Sections 4.12 and 4.13 row order fixed
  • Handle row addition/deletion and automatically calculate progress
  • Workflow processing for Compensating Controls
  • Section 3.6 yes/no fields improvements
  • Peer review for N/A status items, N/A overrides
  • Text inputs focus handling algorithm changed
  • Evidence archive creation fixed
  • Weblink evidences UI changed and fixed
  • Project cards and progress display UI redone
  • Broadcast report item status change to connected clients implemented
  • SAQ filtering logic fixed, changes made to SAQ item mapping
  • Reviewer access to Not Applicable items
  • Interviews count logic adjusted
  • Associate QSA report edit access set up
  • Interview Smart Auto-Suggestions algorithm changed to take into account already scheduled or occurred intrviews
  • Optimized UJ testing performance
  • Interview Attendees rendering for Word Export