Tech Blog - September 2023

New features added and issues addressed in the TurboQSA product. September 2023.

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In September 2023 our team's main focus was on quality - addressing issues with rare edge cases, and improving the UX.

Bug fixes & improvements:

  • Report view - added a "refresh" button
  • Fixed "All Channels" selection option disappearing in some edge cases
  • UI Changes: more prominent position for the "Hints" button to improve visibility
  • ROC v4: Fixed filename column in evidence autofill script
  • Fixed sample sets table rendering where some of the fields were not set
  • Made requirement number search field accept longer strings
  • UI Changes: Contacts list, client drop-down list UX improved
  • Bulk response request improvement: display hints
  • Stability improvements for the Evidence Archive packager
  • UI enhancements: Fixed overrides business logic, replaced auto-save timers with onBlur even handlers
  • v4 Customized Approach changes: true many-to-many control matrix implemented
  • v4 Cosmetic changes to the Appendix E, removed redundant text
  • v4 Report Cloning feature refactored to account for new types of information added in PCI DSS v4 ROC
  • Major improvements in Walk-Through feature handling of "Not Started" items. Read-only Assessment Summary items walk-through fixed.
  • "Incomplete" watermark logic changed

New Features:

  • Assessor Notes. New feature that would allow assessors to capture important notes for each control and requirement.
  • Workpapers export. Assessor Notes taken in the process of the assessment can now be exported as a separate document artifact. Export with Evidence Archive.
  • INFI document - auto-populate logic implemented.

More new features are coming into production every month - stay tuned for more updates and subscribe to our LinkedIn page!