Tech Blog - October 2023

New features added and issues addressed in the TurboQSA product. October 2023.

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In October 2023, we focused on stability, feature improvements based on customers' feedback, and preparation for new clients onboarding.

Bug fixes & improvements:

  • v4.0 - Customized approach modifications to allow flexible custom control linking to requirements.
  • Better UX for the Audit Log, ensure the actor user is displayed at all times.
  • UX fix: NA reason is saved, but not displayed on any item.
  • Work Papers: allow Associate QSA to see or add work papers.
  • Workflow inline images: Better way of full-size display.
  • Fixed text wrapping issue in Table 6.
  • Excel exports: Fixed package version.
  • v4.0, changed item 7.3.3 to system evidence.
  • Improvements for Support Tickets functionality and real-time notifications.
  • v3.2.1: Fixed rendering for Third Party Service Providers array in AOC:SP.
  • v3.2.1: Fixed styles for Legal Exception table (AoC).
  • v4.0 Custom approach: Fixed mapping, allow renaming controls matrix.
  • Added ability to download Zip file with workpapers from the UI.
  • Added icons for Documents Export list UI.
  • Redirect to client creation screen if none exist during new project creation.
  • UI: Evidence location field style fixed.
  • Better rendering for N/A fields.
  • Various style fixes for AOC:Merchants "Part 2: Executive Summary" table. Indent AoC sub-headers (Part 1a, Part 3f etc).
  • v4.0: Fixed styles for item 1.8.1.
  • v3.2.1: Fixed item 2d, invalid centering.
  • Interviews: Always notify on changes, added "end date" to better support Outlook calendar.

New Features:

  • v4.0 - new filter added for requirements implementing Customized Approach.
  • Workflows: added support for rich formatting and URL/image embedding.
  • Work Papers feature: rich formatting support and workpaper export to Word documents.
  • Work Papers feature: Allow editing and changing type, populate evidence tables in ROCs.
  • New QA check for 4.0, Requirement input validation.
  • (limited preview) FedRAMP support is coming to TurboQSA!

More new features are coming into production every month - stay tuned for more updates and subscribe to our LinkedIn page!