Tech Blog - May 2023

New features added and issues addressed in the TurboQSA product. May 2023.

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In May 2023 we've been focusing on putting together a new TurboQSA Pro release. We are thinking beyond the PCI DSS ROC v4.0 now, but keep introducing value-added features for both v3.2.1 and v4.0. One of such features is ROC QA Analysis Automation: we are trying to identify common traits of mistakes QSA and Reviewers can make, as well as some of the items that can potentially lead to audit risks. As always, some of these ideas have been shared by our clients - and we are looking for more input!

Here are some of the highlights for the new features we have implemented:

  • ROC QA. At any point in the lifecycle of your report you can check the ROC QA tab to see if there are any warnings or errors requiring your attention. Most errors and warnings are also visible inline with ROC controls and requirements. Analysis is updated in real time.
  • Issue addressed with User Invitation email flow.
  • Issue addressed for v3.2.1, now evidences can be uploaded right to the section 4.9.
  • Notification settings changed: all QSA assigned to a given project are notified any time a manual change is made to any Workflow control.
  • Attachment access changed for Auditors / Tech Editors.
  • Projects screen date filter state preserved for users convenience.
  • Item 12.3 type fixed for all projects v3.2.1.
  • Status report changes, updated algorithm for stats and progress calculation.
  • Multiple fixes for Word Document rendering for ROC and AOC.
  • Better sorting approach implemented across multiple lists in the UI and in the ROC.
  • v4.0 - Major changes to how Summary of Assessment is populated.
  • Fixes to N/A status for projects with RFTs.
  • Evidence Archive export now can include all uploaded files.
  • QSA credentials only have to be entered once - in the user's profile.
  • QSA can now edit description / version for the files uploaded by client's Contacts.
  • Warning implemented for small files uploads (1kb or less). End user would know if their antivirus or fireall / DLP solution are preventing file uploads to TurboQSA.
  • Workflow mentions now displayed in the user's Inbox.
  • Interview creation / update notifications can now be silenced. Just uncheck the checkbox.
  • Interview notifications: only send notifications for the future ones.
  • Issue fixed with Client Engagement Managers assignment to projects.

We are happy to announce that these new features are already available to all our production customers! Stay tuned for more updates next month.