Tech Blog - March 2024

New features added and issues addressed in the TurboQSA product. March 2024.

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Bug fixes & improvements:

  • Improved parser for OSCAL XML,
  • HTML parser fix and test: detect already "dirty" paragraph element correctly,
  • Internal Import Error message - Display popup in case of import error,
  • v4.0 - ROC: Added variables to 4.0, including begin/end dates,
  • v4.0 - 3.1 section changes,
  • UI - Fix next page trigger on file upload,
  • Walk-through: Ignore not tested items,
  • Floating controls: Fix next item conditions,
  • ROC: additional variables for ROC->AOC autofill,
  • Added scripts for AoC section 2 autofill,
  • ROC 4.0: Remove Client Name textbox from AOC Part 3,
  • v4.0 AOC: Additional autofill variables for Part 3,
  • Evidence Archive logic change - Always export attachments uploaded directly to 6.2,
  • Client details - added a "DBA" field,
  • ROC clone feature - Fixed channels not cloning,
  • Added ability to export Targeted Risk Analysis (TRA),
  • Risk Tool (TRA) made available to client users,
  • Allow clients to contribute to scope definition by importing tables (subject to granular restrictions),
  • Improvements to Disk Space shortage notifications,
  • INFI report: Added deprecation note - “Deprecated 3/19/2024 after mass pushback from entities and assessors”,

New Features:

  • Multi-Party Approval (MPA) feature to protect valuable data from destructive actions; admin users will find their pending approval requests in the "Approvals" menu,
  • FedRAMP SSP Appendix A added,
  • FedRAMP: UI draft for existing templates,
  • Allow clients and executive client representatives to contribute to select sections of ROC v4.0 Part 1 with granular restrictions,
  • Client bulk upload feature allowing QSA companies to bring all of their engagements portfolio into TurboQSA at once,

More new features are coming into production every month - stay tuned for more updates and subscribe to our LinkedIn page!