Reflection on PCI Community Meeting, Toronto 2022

Toronto 2022 North America Community Meeting gave TurboQSA a chance to meet with our customers, partners and land new business. In this article we want to present a short interview with our CEO and founder with his reflection on the PCI event.

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John, what was the main theme of the Toronto 2022 North America Community Meeting for you?

All interest by most all parties was the new standard, PCI 4.0. Of particular interest was discussions around the concept of 'In Place with Remdiation'.

How did the industry receive the new PCI-DSS 4.0 Standard?

Assessors, merchants and service providers are all working to find replacement mechanisms for existing processes; many of which have been in place since 2010 when the PCI-SSC introduced PCI Version 2.0 to streamline the assessment process. TurboQSA is groundbreaking in this particular area. Because the underlying technology that TurboQSA is built on, assessors, merchant and service providers can rely on a consistent assessment process, even when major changes are launched to the standard.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for QSA companies in this economy?

With the price of everything going up and merchants / service providers seeing reduced revenues and profits, QSA companies must look for meaningful ways to lower the per assessment cost. That seems like a near impossible task with a new standard emerging that fundamentally changes so much in the assessment and reporting process. TurboQSA has a clear value proposition. Bottom line: QSA companies using TurboQSA can perform more assessments in a 1 year cycle with the same assessors and do so with a higher degree of accuracy. Assessors no longer have to deal with the ROC template. Game changer.

How has the conference affected TurboQSA strategy for next year?

A pretty consistent point heard in the conference is 'we need more automation'. Assessors want mechanisms to transfer the year round aspects of maintaining compliance to their merchants and service providers. TurboQSA will be road mapping new targeted tools to merchants and service providers that will help these customers adopt 'business as usual' compliance operations.