Who we are

Our Founders Team comes from Facebook and Amazon AWS and brings engineering, infrastructure, product and project management expertise. Our habits are that of continuous improvement, innovation and team work. "Customer obsession" describes how TurboQSA operates and how we deliver services to our clients.

Our Benefits

TurboQSA improves the PCI-DSS assessment process for both professional security assessors (QSA and ISA personnel) and the employees of the merchant or service provider being assessed. On top of this, TurboQSA lowers the cost of PCI-DSS assessments, improves consistency of outcomes, improves overall accuracy and accountability and increases QSA / ISA productivity as well as the productivity of those being assessed.

Focused on Customer Service

TurboQSA is a customer driven company. Our mission is focused on one thing: “Develop tools to empower compliance assessors”. Every feature in our products has been built with one thing in mind, our customers. We listen to what our customers are asking for and we don’t stop until we have developed those features. As a TurboQSA customer, you have an open line of communication to our customer service reps, our programmers, our managers and to the leadership. Please submit ideas for product improvements. Each quarter, if you are the first to submit an idea that we place in our backlog, you will be rewarded with license credits!

Passionate about Productivity

When we started TurboQSA we had a good reason to do so. We knew that performing PCI assessments for merchants and service providers was a complicated process from every aspect. We knew that very few options existed to simplify the process. We also knew that the cost of anything available put it out of reach for many assessor firms. What makes us unique is not only do we have a sensible pricing model, but our product is 100% focused on improving productivity, accuracy and consistency in assessment outcomes. You will spend more valuable time helping your customers rather than using the PCI Counsel’s template for ROC completion.

Developed by QSAs

TurboQSA is QSA / ISA focused. We know how you think, how you prefer to operate, and we know you are busy. We have incorporated features into our products to take the headaches out of assessments so you can focus on higher quality outcomes, not scheduling meetings and trying to keep up with several different ROC projects at the same time. Try our products absolutely free for 60 days and see how TurboQSA can transform your business.

Interested in learning more?

Let us know - shoot an email to sales@turboqsa.com and we will get back to you shortly!

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