What Happens when the PCI SSC Changes Versions of the DSS?

One question many potential customers have asked us is, if I buy TurboQSA, what happens when version 4.0 of the DSS is released? This article discusses what we are working on and exactly how we manage the DSS lifecycle so you do not have to worry about it.

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One question that has come my way quite a bit during demonstrations of the TurboQSA software is:

“What happens when the PCI Council releases PCI-DSS 4.0?”

You might be surprised to hear this, but I actually love answering this question! TurboQSA is a company that employs a team of dedicated software developers. We have spent more than 3 years writing this software. We wrote a framework for presenting the data contained in the DSS. What we did not do is write a software product based solely on and dependent on PCI DSS 3.2.1.

So, what does that mean exactly?

That means when the council releases newer versions or updates to the standard, our developers translate the content into our proprietary template driver. The template can drive data and logic. What this really means is well before the council requires you to write ROCs in the new or updated version, we will be ready. You will be given the choice as to which version you wish to use as long as the choice is allowed by current council rules (based on required cutover dates).

Leave the heavy lifting to us

We will be integrating new releases and testing them long before they are required. From time to time, we may offer our customers the chance for free license credits to help test updates to the system.

Our development team is always listening. They are innovative and want to make the work of QSAs more accurate to help stop cyber-crime that prey on credit cards. That is why if you have an idea to strengthen TurboQSA, you can bet we will work hard to be sure we understand it and implement it where and when it makes sense.

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