Tech Blog - September 2021

New features added and issues addressed in the TurboQSA product. September 2021.

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We are proud to announce the new production version went out to our customers on Friday, October 1st.

Here are some highlights for the new features and improvements released:

  • Compensating Controls rendering fixed and improved
  • Inerview invitation: timezone offsets fixed
  • Workflow process changed to store responses on the workflow updates
  • Workflow process: allow certain workflow items to be hidden
  • Stability improvements for email sender queue
  • Hide empty (automatically created) workflow items
  • Docx (Word) export filtering for SAQ items fixed
  • New UI for ROC item controls: consistent design and descriptive names
  • ROC item status display redesign
  • Docx (Word) rendering improvements in Sample Sets, Locations and Interview Conacts List areas
  • Descriptive "Non-Compliance Reason" button added to the UI for better user experience
  • UI Improvement: flyout panels width increased
  • Evidence attachment rendering reimagined
  • Attachment unification across the project to provide consistent and uniform experience for Diagrams and Evidence uploads
  • Addressed issue with links to passed or back-dated interviews
  • Limit diagram uploads to only the supported image types
  • Web URL rendering fixed for Docx (Word) export
  • Telemetry support added for client and central instances
  • Global Administrator controls extended for instance privacy: telemetry control
  • UI Changes: new fonts throughout the site
  • Fixes made to have a better filename captured for uploaded evidences
  • (Not included in the current release) Summary of Findings automation improvement: auto-set N/A status for Requirements fully covered by SAQ