Tech Blog - March 2022

New features added and issues addressed in the TurboQSA product. March 2022.

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We have pushed a lot of updates and new features to our Pilot environment in the month of March 2022, and some of these improvements have even made their way to Production:

  • "Mentions" feature, allowing for more effective communication between users on the project,
  • Email notifications for "mentions",
  • Security improvements for account lockout logic to handle unsuccessful login attempts,
  • Support for account deletion and re-use of the same email for user accounts,
  • Impersonation token deactivation feature to make support features more secure,
  • Improvements to quick navigation feature: start from any section, more user friendly handling of the end of the queue,
  • Word document generation improvements, supporting new layout for Remote Assessment documetation,
  • Support for Custom RFTs (Report Filtering Templates) on Service Provider ROCs,
  • Licensed Users Groups support rolled out across client and central instances, splitting all licenses into 3 main groups - Global Admins, QSA users, non-QSA users to align with the pricing model,
  • Missing Areas of Responsibility feature to highlight responsibility areas with no representation for a given client,
  • Support for Attachment / Evidences metadata editing: edit description, version and document date,
  • QSA Credentials can be edited now, making section 1 of the report more accurate,
  • Non-compliance Remediation: capture resolution recommendation and priority, to be exported in Remediation Sheet,
  • New Progress Bar for clone project feature.

Stay tuned as we continuously working on adding more features and improvements to TurboQSA Pro!