Tech Blog - January 2022

New features added and issues addressed in the TurboQSA product. December 2021 - January 2022.

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Here are some highlights for the new features and improvements released:

  • Custom SAQ. Brand new ability to define new SAQ-like templates that extend what PCI Council has provided and enable QSA performance impovements for Service Provider ROCs.
  • Custom SAQ integration with Word rendering. Respect items that should be left out as "N/A" for a given Custom SAQ template.
  • A few changes to UI rendering and documentation sorting order.
  • Write-in functionality for QSA and Associate QSA in ROC Contact Information section.
  • UI Refactoring for Sample Sets.
  • Fix for the Summary of Findings auto-calculation logic.
  • Docx rendering fixes for bullet points and indents.
  • Improvements for license check functionality.
  • Projects list filtering by Client.
  • Nginx reverse proxy and maintenance page for version updates.
  • Improvements and fixes for Reviewer Controls UX.
  • Sample Set Tracking sheet functionality and rendering.
  • Allowing the Tech Editor to change QA decisions.
  • Write-in functionality for Docmentation Reviewed, section 4.9.
  • Link to Section 4.6 from Sample Set ROC items.
  • Open Office support and structure optimization for rendered docx document.
  • S3 Glacier support for backups on AWS.
  • Phone number format restrictions edited for internationalization.
  • Include Client Users in Contacts section and allow Responsibility Areas to be edited for them.
  • Lookup feature enhancement: allow looking up and re-using responses from linked projects.
  • Workflow change: allow adding attachments - functionality extended to Client Users and Contacts for easy response capture.