Tech Blog - February 2023

New features added and issues addressed in the TurboQSA product. December 2022 - February 2023.

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Our team has been working tirelessly to make the full set of PCI DSS ROC v4.0 rev 1 available to our customers, while maintaining scalability of our services with new support, deployment and troubleshooting features. Here are some of the highlights for the new features we have implemented:

  • v4.0 - Added appendixes C & E rendering with default template in cases the data is not provided
  • v4.0 - Improved progress calculation logic
  • v4.0 - SAQ mapping loaded for automatic scope reduction
  • v4.0 - Title page added
  • N/A button auto-save feature implemented
  • v4.0 - Implemented correct logic to handle RFT / SAQ outside of Findings and Observations section
  • v4.0 - Summary of Assessment auto-calculation and rendering implemented
  • Reimagined the report tree structure rendering in the Web UI for both 3.2.1 and 4.0 to make navigation more intuitive and fast
  • v4.0 - Responded to the latest revisions from PCI and removed the "In Place with Remediation" option for the standard v4.0 rev 1, along with other changes coming with revision 1
  • v4.0 - Added logic capturing "Workpaper Title" for sections 6.3 and 6.4
  • v4.0 - Modified Status Report to support v4.0 rev 1 changes
  • v4.0 - Merchant, Service Provider and Supplemental AoCs support added with v4.0 rev 1
  • Numerous progress calculation improvement implemented affecting both v3.2.1 and v4.0
  • v4.0 - multi-language AoC rendering support added. TurboQSA will not translate user-generated content, but we will use language-appropriate templates to generate AoCs for v4.0
  • v4.0 - Custom RFT support added to bring feature parity with v3.2.1
  • v4.0 - Usability feature added to display referenced ROC items in the section 4.9 (Sample Sets for Reporting)
  • UX changes - Added better sorting in drop-down lists in the web UI
  • Client Users - responsibility areas made editable and UI shortcuts added to make this functionality more intuitive
  • Network Diagram page rendering logic improved for Word export
  • "Mark N/A" functionality added for optional tables
  • "Collapse All" / "Expand All" functionality for the new Project Tree UI
  • "Client Engagement Manager" role renamed to "Client Primary Contact"
  • Account Approval notification logic fixed
  • v4.0 - Payment Channel annotation fixed in the Word Export
  • Multiple documentation changes ranging from installation instructions to instance maintenance and troubleshooting instructions
  • Infrastructure - AMI creation improvements and AWS Auto-scaling groups implementation
  • v4.0 - Auto-populate Associate QSA in the ROC

With the March 2023 TurboQSA release, v4.0 rev 1 of the PCI DSS ROC is going to production! Stay tuned for more updates!