Tech Blog - April 2023

New features added and issues addressed in the TurboQSA product. March - April 2023.

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Our development team has been focusing on 3 key priorities:

  1. Bringing stability and resilience into our infrastructure
  2. Adding new features to fully support ROC v4.0
  3. Addressing feedback from our customers using ROC v3.2.1 in production

Early in April we have made v4.0 of PCI ROC available to all of our customers with the new version of TurboQSA Pro product rolled out across all deployment tiers. The new version of our software maintains full compatibility with the 3.2.1 standard and ensures continuity of the on-going assessment project, while adding new functionality and improvements. Here are some of the highlights for the new features we have implemented:

  • Continuous dialogue feature for support tickets, bringing all support-related communications closer to the end user, with notifications enabled,
  • Quality control enhancements: warning implemented for suspiciously small sample sizes,
  • Fixed logic for the remediation list: include all non-compliant requirement items,
  • Secondary backup feature for ROC evidences added,
  • Improvements for installation, backup and restore procedures to increase resiliency,
  • Improvements for automatically populated fields: fill in Lead QSA details,
  • Web UI Hot Keys feature introduced,
  • Improved navigation features for AOC, enumeration of items by status implemented,
  • Small fixes for ROC items metadata to improve responsibility areas coverage,
  • Logic changes for v4.0 Summary of Findings, allowing for multiple items selection,
  • Additional information loaded from the PCI DSS v4 Standard for Guidance and Applicability Notes,
  • ROC QA feature introduced for better automated quality control. We aim to reduce the risk of PCI audit for projects completed with TurboQSA,
  • AOC v4.0 improvements - auto-populating fields, UI style fixes,
  • "Next Page" functionality fixed for the v4.0,
  • Improvements for automated testing to increase quality of releases,
  • Improvements and fixes for v4.0 interview responsibility areas,
  • Invitation email flow fixed for invitations created outside of an existing project,
  • Fixes for v3.2.1, section 4.9 - adding documents directly to the list,
  • QSA notifications for workflow changes,
  • Changes to assigned users / customers access rights for viewing evidences,

We are most excited about our new QA feature for ROCs and looking forward to further collaboration with our production and prospective customers on identifying new quality control scenarios that would bring value to the users of TurboQSA!